Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday with Mildred

This past Friday, the Tiffin, Ohio Smith clan celebrated the patriarch of the family's 90th birthday with a cake and ice cream gathering. There was almost a 100 % attendance going back several generations. I plan to feature some photographs from the party when I download them ;-)

The birthday boy was Howard Lewis Smith, born on March 17, 1920 in Tiffin, Seneca County, Clinton Township, Ohio. He is the son of Grover Cleveland (seriously) Smith and Mildred Claudine Tate.

Mildred is the subject of this blog.

While I was wandering around snapping photos and chatting with relatives, Aunt Marty, youngest daughter of Grover and Mildred Smith, arrived with a little photograph album. When she spied me, she came over pulling a small photograph out of the booklet and asked if I would be able to scan the photo and then crop it to only show her mother, Mildred Claudine Tate Smith. My response--No problem!

I am ball parking this photo to be circa 1915, before she married Grover on June 5, 1919 in Tiffin, Ohio. Since Aunt Marty could not recognize any of the other folks in the photo, I guess I can assume that her future husband is not in the boat. Marty said that this photograph was taken during a boat ride at Cedar Point, Ohio. Mildred is my husband's, maternal grandmother.

-Grover Cleveland Smith married Mildred Claudine Tate
--Daughter, Helena Mae Smith married Clarence Harold Hiser
---Son, Ted S. Hiser married Linda Lee Hughes
----Two sons, Aric Hughes Hiser and Garrett Bevin Hiser

© 2010, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser


  1. Linda, Very nice story. And, you are saying both Mildred (Aunt Marty) and Grover are still alive? Amazing, I wonder how many years they have been married. I'll wait until you write more about them. Thanks.

  2. Sorry for the confusion, Barbara. Aunt Marty is the youngest daughter of Grover and Mildred Smith. I changed the blog to reflect it. Editing is never done, is

  3. Reading your blog, you put your posts together so nicely. I feel the historical value of each. I have missed being able to frequently visit your blog. How nice to have the picture to pull her into the limelight.