Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mont Mettie Munger--Writer and Composer

Mont Mettie Munger, my maternal grand uncle, has been quite a man of mystery. As I mentioned in a Flipside blog back in November, 2009, I have no stories of him other than his playing the player piano with GREAT showmanship. Now I am wondering if it WAS a player piano, or simply Uncle Mont showing his piano prowess tickling the ivories for REAL.

This week, for some unknown reason, I was putting Mont's name into the google search engine and up popped some new and interesting information.  I found three Library of Congress listings for Mont M. Munger, Pittsburgh, composer and author.  Wow....somehow that little piece of family history was lost through the decades. 

It appears that Uncle Mont composed two little ditties back in 1938:  On a Honeymoon Up in the Sky and Do You Remember Dear.  Uncle Mont was not on Tin Pan Alley when he crafted his two songs and neither were on the Pittsburgh Top Ten; however, an accomplishment none the less.  I wonder if the untimely death of his wife, Lucy Stark Munger in 1927, were the basis of the songs.

The book, a 265 page vanity press, Song of Heaven, was published in 1958.  It would be fun to find a copy.  I imagine it was given out to family members and friends and again, it too has been lost to the ages.....unfortunately, probably to Pittsburgh land fills.

Mont's genealogical information is all out on a Tombstone Tuesday blog.  I noticed I did not give any of his work details.  During his younger career, Mont was a stenographer with a steel company and then a clerk in an office, both in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  In the 1930's he was a traveling salesman with a paste cleaner company.  Records show he was self employed in the 40's and a Pittsburgh Directory lists him as employed with an office supply company, perhaps his own.

Mont did not remarry after Lucy's death. 
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  1. How very exciting to find that music! What a wonderful story!