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Finished--I guess NOT.....More Zeigler, Qween, Quinn Adventures.

I sure hope someone researching the Quinn or Qween family from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania can help me answer a few lingering questions on this somewhat elusive branch of my Frederick Family tree.

I have been researching the pants off these folks, primarily using online resources. I don't have the time to drive to Pittsburgh, although, once the weather turns, I would like to go visit the William Penn Memorial Cemetery to finally have a picture of Great Grandaunt Edna's tombstone and to see if her daughter, Mary, is also buried there.

My last blog regarding Edna May Frederick Zeigler Gween, brings the reader up to date with all my latest research on her life. Now, I would like to continue with my first cousin once removed, her only child and daughter, Mary A. Zeigler Quinn.

Note:  I recently realized I was misspelling Mary's surname.
 It should be Zeigler.
I have touched on Mary's life in other Frederick Family blogs.  Truthfully, I don't know all that much about her.  I never knew her.  My mother did not follow her cousin through the years, although they lived within a short drive of each other.  Perhaps it was an age difference as my mother was born when Mary was eighteen. 

Fortunately, I have found a few tidbits among the memorabilia by my Mom and her Mom, my maternal grandmother, Martha Marie Frederick Stark. 

Mary was born about 1903, probably in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Henry G. Zeigler and Edna Frederick Zeigler.  Her father, was a shoe salesman.  About 1915, when Mary was twelve, her parents divorced.  I have a World War I draft registration dated 1918 from her step father, William Clinton Gween, stating that he was married to Edna Frederick Zeigler. 

From the two photos I have of Cousin Mary, she was a pretty young lady, favoring her mother, Edna May Frederick Zeigler Gween. 

Application for a Marriage License
Robert B. Quinn and Mary A. Zeigler
On November 2, 1925, Mary A. Zeigler and Robert B. Quinn, son of Thomas Brown Quinn and Margaret F. Wells Quinn applied for a marriage license in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  I have a little peek into the day of the wedding, November 4, 1925, thanks to my maternal grandmother and the typewritten account I found in my mother's "baby book".

Mary and Bob did not have any children.  My mother told me that she thought that in her later years, Edna lived with her daughter and son-in-law.  The last address I have for them in the 1960's is on Alpine Blvd in Pittsburgh, which appears to be in the Forest Hills section of town.

Robert B Quinn and Mary A. Zeigler Quinn
circa 1925
 On the 1930 Pennsylvania census, Bob is listed as a retail merchant for a garage.  Once again the waters become murky.  I have found a listing for about a ten year period from the late 1940's into the 1950's in Sharon, Pennsylvania for Robert B. and Mary Quinn.  Could simply be a common name.....could be why my Mom lost touch with her cousin....although there was no listing for Mary's mother in the directories.  Once again, I will have to wait for the 1940 census to try to pin them down.

I do have a card from "Aunt Edna, Cousin Mary and Bob and "Bumper" the dog from 1952.  I guess I assumed that they were all living together....maybe a wrong assumption.

I have no idea when Mary died.  There is a listing of birthdates in my maternal grandmother's annual calendar books.  There is a Mary listed for April  19 and it is crossed out on one page.  I have never found Mary's birth record, so I don't even know if this is my grandmother's niece or a friend with the same name.  Unfortunately, I pulled that page out of the book, so I also don't know what year it is from (!!!).  I am approximating 1969. 

I did find a veterans card for a Robert B. Quinn.  I am once again assuming that it is "my" family member.  His birthdate matches what I have.  Robert died September 24, 1971 and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  Checking Find-A-Grave, he does have a listing, but there is not one for Mary.  Since I have not visited Woodlawn, I don't know if she is buried there and the FAG listing was simply taken from the veterans record out on ancestry.

I do want to mention here that Robert B. Quinn served as a Corporal with the United States Marines during World War I from June 26, 1918 - April 15, 1919.

With this branch there are always more questions.
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  1. Sure feel a trip to Pennsylvania in your near future. So close, yet, so far. Same thing here, working on one right now. Good luck, I'll be watching to see if you get anywhere with this.

    1. It's not even that far!!! Maybe this summer...although I still need to get to a cemetery in Bucyrus, Ohio.

  2. My great grandfather's name was Thomas Brown Quinn but married to Cora Alice Ferguson. Could he have been married twice - not sure. Doug (