Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day--Dad's Service in the Korean War

Captain George VanGilder Hughes

Dad was drafted into the Korean War just as he had set up his medical practice in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To make a little extra money, he had signed up for the National Guard. When the United States entered the Korean War, his unit was called up. Needless to say, he wondered about the intelligence of signing up for the National Guard in the first place.

His service in the war was something that Dad rarely talked about. It certainly put his plans to begin his medical practice on hold for a year and a half.

Dad, a commissioned officer, spent his state side Army months at Camp Carson, Colorado. My brother Ken, was born on base. Dad was a captain with the 2nd Medical Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division. He spent the beginning of his tour of duty in Korea at an aid station on the front lines. On an R & R in Japan, he took his medical specialty boards. When the Army found that he had passed, he was immediately moved Seoul, Korea where he served as the Chief of Medical SVC at the 121 Evacuation Hospital.

Several years back, my brother, Jeff, told me about the effort by the Library of Congress to get the service histories of men and women for the Veterans History Project. As the family historian, I decided to interview Dad to put his history together. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to the interview, Dad was in the early stages of dementia and could not remember much of his service. Fortunately, I was able to find records and a large collection of photos that he took while in Korea to fill in the details.

When Dad died in 2007, I made it a mission to complete his profile and submit the information to the Library of Congress. His information has been posted; however, the photos and the audio tape has not.

Veterans History Project for the Library of Congress
George VanGilder Hughes

Dad's Homecoming from Korea on Flipside.

Thank you Dad and all veterans for your service.

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