Friday, June 18, 2010

A GREAT reason to Geneablog--A "Cool Beans" Moment

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a reader of Flipside who had seen my blog about Woodlawn, Pennsylvania. It was posted as a Festival of Postcards for the second edition a year ago. The blog featured two postcards of the street where my great grandparents lived in Woodlawn, a company town for Jones & Laughlin Steel Company. They moved to Woodlawn when it was a new town around 1915.

Here is the e-mail

Hi Linda,
I saw those cool postcards of Woodlawn that you posted on Flipside. My family is from Aliquippa - my great-grandparents moved there in 1922 and lived on a hill overlooking the mill. Sadly, their house is now gone - burned down in fire.

I left a message at Flipside, but in case you don't see it, I found a book online called
Woodlawn on the Ohio.

Check out page 19

Upon inspection, the booklet appears to be information to entice workers to move to Woodlawn. My great grandfather was a steel worker at the J & L plant down river on the south side of Pittsburgh. Perhaps the allure of this new factory and what is advertised to be new and modern housing persuaded them to move to Woodlawn.

Thank you Shellie for sending this new information along to me.

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  1. FAB

    and I might have to borrow that graphic! VERY cool - - beans!

  2. "Cool beans" indeed! Genea-blogging is really turning out to have some incredible dividends!