Saturday, December 3, 2016

Back to the 50's--This is pretty elementary ;-)

     The Northland Public Library in Ross Township, Pennsylvania via their on line website has been an exciting find for me for the past week.  I can't seem to stop pulling it up.

     I was working on more land related blogs earlier in the week and then I saw a link for a 1950 Perrysville Telephone Directory and here is what I found.

     Yep, that would be my Dad and our new house on Washington Drive and the phone number.  I don't remember PE4-7241; however it then became FOrest 4-7241 and then 364-7241 and we took that phone number from Washington Drive to our new home in McCandless Township in 1960.  It was always our home phone number until my Mom and Dad moved from that McCandless address.

     I did spend some time browsing the directory and did not find very many of our neighbors listed.  I do remember that the Arthur's had a WEllington and not a PErrysville phone number.  I don't know why.  

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